My Kind Teachers

Hello guys, I feel happy can meet you again,friends.
Now I want tell you about my experience and my kindness teacher.

     At that time, I was 7 years old or on 1st grade. At that time, I'm very  often sick and also on that day.
On the morning, i went to school as usual. I am very excited to go to school because i have many kind friends and teachers. I attended class 1A. I have two home room teachers, Ms. Rika and Ms. Mauna. In the first lesson i can followed the class well. But suddenly i felt headache and nausea. My face become pale. Ms. Rika who saw that immediately ask me. " Why are you so limp,Nur? are you sick?" Asked her that time. But i can't answered that question. I'm very confused what should i say. At last, Ms. Rika brought me to the health room. The room is so narrow, and i slept on the floor groaned by carpet because when that time my school is not as good as now. But it's ok. Because Ms. Rika accompanied me.

     Then, Ms. Mauna came to the roo…

Dialogue of Introduction

On Saturday, I go to the museum. There, I met a new friend. Then, She greets me.

Aliya : Hello, excuse me. May I came along with you ? Nur   :Yes,sure. By the way, What is your name ? Aliya : My name is Aliya. What is your name ? Nur   : My name is Nur. Nice to meet you. Aliya : Nice to meet you too! So, what are you doing here? Nur   : I 'm here to search something for school's assigment. How about you ? Aliya : Oh. I'm here to have some recreation. By the way, what's school do you go ? Nur   : I'm a student in 3 Bandung High School. Aliya : Oh! Me too. Did you just attend to school as a 10th grade? Nur   : Yes, I did. And you ?  Aliya : I'm a 10th grade too. What class do you attend? Nur   : I attended 3rd class. How about you ? Aliya : I attended 7th class. Nur   : Well, since we both attended  the same school. Will you help me a bit with my assigment? Aliya : Sure, let's search a nice place to do your job.

This Is Me

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh..

Hello, guys! My name is Nur 'Adilah Firdaus. You can call me Nur. I'm 15 years old. I was born in Cimahi on 27th April 2002. I live in Cimahi, on Encep Kartawiria street number 84-B. and now,  I study in High School 3 Bandung. I'm in 10th grade! Honestly, I feel a bit nervous when I know I will study in High School 3 Bandung, but I'm very very happy because it's my wish to be a student in High School 3 Bandung.

Then, I will tell you about my family! I have mom and dad who's very nice. And I think my parents are the greatest parents in the world! I have one sibling. She is my younger sister. Now, she is school on 7th grade in Al-Irsyad Satya Islamic School. She is very smart. She got a scholarship to her school. We are the happy family!

My Hobbies are reading novels or comics, watching TV, watching anime, and many more. Besides that, I'm like travel with my family or my friends, although I am not often to do t…