True Wealth (English Story)

True Wealth

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich and wealthy man in a big town. He led a luxurious life. He always boasted about his wealth to his friends and relatives. His son was studying in a distant city and he returned home for vacation. The rich man wanted to show off to his son how rich he was. But his son wasn’t fond of any luxurious lifestyle. However, the rich man wanted to make his son realize that his lifestyle was extremely rich and that poor people suffered a lot. He planned a day’s visit to the entire town to show him the life of the poor people. The father and the son took a chariot and visited the entire town. They returned home after two days. The father was happy that his son was very quiet after seeing the poor people honouring the rich man and after witnessing the sufferings of the poor due to lack of facilities. The rich man asked his son, “Dear boy, how was the trip? Have you enjoyed it?” “Yes my dad, it was a great trip with you,” the son replied. “So, wh…

Smallest Penguin

HI Everybody! Now I want to tell you about the smallest penguin's species in the world. This penguin called Fairy Penguin or Little Blue Penguin.

Fairy Penguins

Raja Ampat

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu..

Hello Guys..!
Do you want the right place to spend your holiday??
I have one place that I think this place is so beautiful...
The place is....
Raja Ampat

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Student's Leadership Basic Training (Part 2)

Hello guys! Meet me again!👐
As you know, now i will continue my story of my experience on LDKS.

On the second day, at around 1.00 a.m.we awakened by the sirens of fire. We must gather with complete attribute and wore pdl pants with navy blue shirt. Fortunately, i can wear the complete attribute fastly. But, unfortunately, some of my friends were not wear complete attribute, so they were punished. After that we went to the mosque to pray tahajud. The night was very cold. After tahajud, we pray shubuh. After that, we went to the field to do morning exercises. Then we got time about fifteen minutes for took a bath. But, I just can brush my teeth and wash my face with that time. Because fifteen minutes are not only from me, but also for all my friends. After that, we gathered for breakfast.Then, we gathered on the field to do morning muster. Next, still on the field we do PBB training and make yel-yel.
After around 12 o'clock, we pray dzuhur and had lunch. After that we watched presenta…

Student's Leadership Basic Training (Part 1)

Hello Guys! Meet me again!👋
How are you,friend? I hope you always do fine.
Now, I want to tell you about my experience a few weeks ago. Alright, I want to share about my activities on my school program named LDKS (Student's Leadership Basic Learning).
On Thursday, 21st September, we students High School 3 Bandung force 3'2020 do LDKS for 3 days 2 nights at PUSENIF in Jl. Supratman, Bandung. On LDKS we are taught the discipline to do many things like eat, sleep, ceremonies, take a bath, and many more. We also taught to use time well.
On the first day, we gathered in the ceremonies field of PUSENIF at seven o'clock. At that time, there also a division of groups. So we will divided into several groups. In each group there is around 30 students. I get into group F. After that, we did an opening cermony and  basic training of  PBB (Pasukan Baris-Berbaris). We also collected our electronics to the committee and we got a red ribbon as a sign that we are the participans of this LDKS.…

My Plan In The Next Holiday (Dialogue)

At the school, Aliya and me are talking about our plan in the next school holiday.
Nur  : Hey, Aliya! How are you doing today ? Aliya : I'm doing great! Thank you! How about you ? Nur   : I'm OK. Thanks for asking. Aliya : Holiday is almost there. Right ?  Nur   :Yes, Right! What is your plan for your holiday ? Aliya : I don't know for sure actually, haha... But I think I'm gonna travel to my grandmother's house. How                about you ? Nur   : Oh! That's a good plan. Where is your grandmother's haouse?  Maybe I will go to the my big families            hometown in Bogor, just like last year. Aliya : My grandmother's house is in Serpong, near Tanggerang. Your Plan is good too! Nur   :  How long you will stay in your grandmother's house?  Aliya :  Well, I think one week.
Nur   : Wow, that's a long time..! What activities will you do in your grandmother's house?
Aliya : I will meet and play with all my cousin. And you? How long you take time in …

My Kind Teachers

Hello guys, I feel happy can meet you again,friends.
Now I want tell you about my experience and my kindness teacher.

     At that time, I was 7 years old or on 1st grade. At that time, I'm very  often sick and also on that day.
On the morning, i went to school as usual. I am very excited to go to school because i have many kind friends and teachers. I attended class 1A. I have two home room teachers, Ms. Rika and Ms. Mauna. In the first lesson i can followed the class well. But suddenly i felt headache and nausea. My face became pale. Ms. Rika who saw that immediately ask me. " Why are you so limp,Nur? are you sick?" Asked her that time. But i can't answered that question. I'm very confused what should i say. At last, Ms. Rika brought me to the health room. The room is so narrow, and i slept on the floor groaned by carpet because when that time my school is not as good as now. But it's ok. Because Ms. Rika accompanied me.

     Then, Ms. Mauna came to the roo…